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It is a politically correct world, which tells an individual that he or she can be or believe anything he or she wants. Whatever one puts his or her mind to, whatever makes one happy–well, those are worthy pursuits. Unless, of course, one’s pursuit is toward faith.

Religion, and the pursuit of such, is banned, ridiculed, considered ignorant.

In a world where everything else is deemed permissable, faith is blacklisted.

So how does one reside in an increasing age of skepticism? How does one explore and pursue eternal truths, when so often such an endeavor is met with hostility?

Tim Keller’s apologetic work The Reason for God seeks to provide, using logic and reason, just that: a reason for God.


In lucid fashion, reminicent of CS Lewis’ renowned works, Keller provides intelligent argument in an accesible, winsome manner.

If nothing more, this book will leave believer and unbeliever alike peaceably seeking truth in a topsy-turvy world, and maybe, just maybe, grappling with faith and truly finding a reason for God.

In addition to being studied by a VU Small Group, copies of “The Reason for God” can be found at the VU Resource Library in Echo. If no copies are available and you would like to read this book, contact Matt Gordon.


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