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The Lord said to him, “What is in your hand?” Moses said, “A staff.” Exodus 4:2

This is a throw-away verse, one that is easy to skim right over without a thought. But if one slows down his or her hurried reading, it becomes apparent that something must be going on here—especially given the context.

In chapter 3, God comes to Moses via burning bush and then gives a lofty explanation of who He is. It is where God gives the fullest—though confusing—explanation of all He was, is, and will be. God is the great I Am, the eternal He Is.

Yet this almighty God, mere verses later, can’t discern what Moses is holding in his hand? Obviously, God didn’t ask this question for His own sake, but for Moses’.

And I think it is the same question he asks all of us, “What is in your hand?”

You see, Moses was a shepherd. He would spend his days protecting and guiding sheep, drawing them out of trouble and directing them toward peace. His very name means, “to draw out.” And here the very thing God is calling him to do—to go to Pharaoh and free the Israelites—would use the very same qualities he has been developing. He would draw God’s sheep out of Egypt. He would guide them and direct them. He would use his staff to protect and to provide for them—for it was raised to part the Red Sea; it was used to provide water from the rocks.

God had called a shepherd of sheep to become a shepherd of men and women, much in the same way he called fisherman in the New Testament to become fishers of men and women.

And in the same way, God is looking toward you even today and asking, “What is in your hand?” What skills has He given you? What talents? What platforms? What gifts? For those are the very things, that even today, He can turn to His purposes.

So what is in your hand? What are you holding—given by God—that can be used to His glory today? Allow Him to use whatever you possess in mighty ways.


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