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I remember the old Yo’ Mama Jokes. Like as a fifth grader, you’d look to your friend and begin some offensive tirade with, “Yo’ mama is soooo fat . . .” For decency sake I won’t finish the line, at least not here at work and all. Find me after hours.

But then those jokes evolved–as jokes tend to do–to simply just saying someone’s mother is something. Highly intellectual gems like: “Yo’ mama eats sandwiches” or “Yo’ mama’s a gym teacher.” Everyone would laugh and high five when one of these effective slams would land.

Which brings me to the mother of Loan Officer, Alberto Barba. If you were to say to Alberto, for instance, “Your mama writes a blog!”

No one would laugh and high five because Alberto would just say, “Yeah, she does. It’s good too.”

It is. And, thanks to his heads up, you can check out Alberto Barba’s mama’s blog here:

Happy reading and good day!


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