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So we have a bunch of Small Groups currently up and running. If you missed out and want to get into or lead a Small Group, feel free to contact Matt. But if you are looking to jump in right away, we have a new group that just started that is walking through the Book of Matthew.

This group tentatively meets on Wednesday mornings at 8 AM, but moves the meetings around to accomodate schedules. After Matthew, the group intends to take a short break before launching into another book of the Bible.

If you think this might be the group for you, or want to just test it out for a week to see, contact Matt Gordon, Tim Tallis, or Kevin Smith today.


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  1. It is perhaps the most awesomest group at VU. We would love to have you, and please feel free to invtie friends to join as well!

  2. HA! I did Humility- it is a great group that I highly recommend. Notice I said ‘perhaps’…….. That’s humble, right?

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