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Have an idea for a 2014 small group?

Want to lead or co-lead a group?

Now is the time to begin thinking of 2014 and how you might be able to plug into a thriving faith-based community group here at VU. Please feel free to make suggestions, begin thinking of who you know at VU that might benefit from joining a group, and consider if you might be a good fit to help lead a group. Here are some tentative offerings:

The Art of Marriage –A six-week evening group geared toward married and engaged couples, with the aim of holistically enhancing relationships. No matter the state of your relationship–good or bad or anything in-between!–this group should serve to improve communication, understanding, and the way in which we love one another. Spaces will be limited for this group, and it will be for couples only (with only one partner needing to be a VU employee!).

Basics of Christianity–This group will be offered either before work, during lunch, or both (based on interest level). It will be a six-week endeavor into the basics of the Christian faith. This group is aimed toward those curious about the basic claims of Christianity or new converts to Christianity. This group will provide insights into the Christian worldview and plenty of opportunities to ask questions.

Biblical Leadership–We are all, to some extent, leaders. The Bible has some clear examples of biblical leadership, and perhaps none so complete as the Book of Nehemiah. Through the life of Nehemiah, one can learn how to lead well with purpose, set and accomplish goals, motivate others, and deal with adversity and conflict.  This group will meet either before work or during lunch, depending upon interest.


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