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Today at some of the Columbia VU offices, a persistent beeping began occurring. It went like this: “BEEP,” and then a little later, “BEEP.” Vivid, right?

I.T. swarmed onto the problem like the Ghost-busters on Casper, but I still don’t know what was wrong. My theory—and realize I’m not technically considered an “expert”—is that a nest of crickets got into the electrical outlets . . . but again, I may not be a hundred percent correct; it may have been some other type of insect for all I know.

But what I am sure of is this—it was noticeable.

“It is driving me crazy,” one gal said to no one in particular (she didn’t know I was standing behind her eavesdropping on her frustration).

“What do you think it is?” others queried aloud.

I told them my cricket theory, only to begin walking away and overhear them saying, “So really, what do you think it is?”

The cause was a mystery, but the beeping was obvious.

You know, though, what I’ve never heard, from me or any others? Exclamations when there are no beeps. Seriously, how often do we take note of all the great things about our existence? Like that I don’t have a cold or my coat is warm or that there isn’t incessant beeping each day.

The fact is that there is no shortage of obvious blessings abounding all around us each day. We don’t have a cough most days; we only have to frequent the DMV like once a year; the beeps of life are mostly abnormal.

I think this time of year it is important to count our blessings—even the ones we so readily overlook. It could be worse, after all. We could be those poor, poor crickets.

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