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CNN published an interesting list today titled Celebs You Didn’t Know Were Religious. Within it you see some pictures of spiritual clarity alongside some of the most confused individuals currently in the spotlight (Beilieber, anyone?). But within the group is certainly a microcosm of the societal confusion prevalent in regards to faith, religion, spirituality and how identity within a broader group can be a problematic distinction. (For instance, I label myself as a “Christian” and Miley Cyrus labels herself as a “Christian.” But our beliefs on many, many things seem to differ starkly . . . so what does that mean about me, about her, and about the word “Christian” or broader “Christian” grouping? Or, another example, Dave Chappelle is quoted in the piece concerning his Muslim faith. He says, “And I believe it is a beautiful religion if you learn it the right way.” What denotes the wrong way and right way and who gets to make that distinction? There are critical questions abounding in a post like this, and such questions, when answered, can help inform us who we are at our own core, and what we truly believe about ourselves and the world.)

Anyway, I’ll let you draw your own conclusion on this list and what, if anything, it means . . .


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