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8/18 – Pray for Mike Bouchey’s father-in-law Don Jones, who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer that has spread to his liver and bones. The prognosis is not good with an average life expectancy of less than a year. Please pray for the strength to battle this disease and for the family to remain strong so that they can support Don during this time of trial.–Submitted by Mike Bouchey

3/28 – Pray that I wouldn’t lose sight of God’s love today amid tough circumstances. Pray that I would not be fearful of uncertain circumstances. Thank you. – Submitted by Emily Albers

2/23 – As many of you now know, our 16-year old son, Max, was in a horrible car crash yesterday afternoon. Max was with two of his football team members when the driver lost control of the car at a high rate of speed and the car slammed into a tree.

It’s been a very long night, but I wanted to share this update as of this morning.

Max is currently in the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit at University Hospital. His injuries thus far include a lacerated liver, lacerated kidney, small bleeding at two points on the brain, broken ribs, punctured lung and late last night they discovered that his shoulder blade is broken. The scan also shows a small fracture behind his right ear. The doctors expect to continue discovering injuries as the days progress.

Max is stable, but the chief concerns through the night were the bleeding on his brain and the amount of blood coming from his lungs.

Max’s two buddies are in rough shape also. One of the boys had to be cut out of the vehicle and life-flighted to University Hospital. We know that all three will survive, but only by God’s grace. The Missouri Highway Patrol trooper described the vehicle and we know that we are part of a miracle.

We appreciate the prayers and well wishes as we try to sort out things. As a side note, this accident occurred within an hour of us wrapping up the Christian Men’s Conference we hosted for 900 men yesterday in Columbia. Max was in the second row at that conference and I believe that God showed us his grace yesterday in an amazing way. It is a miracle that Max is alive. God revealed Himself to Melody and I yesterday in ways that we could never fully explain. It’s hard to comprehend the emotions rushing through us right now.

We’ve got a long battle ahead. We ask for your prayers that the bleeding will stop within the next few hours and that Max can avoid any further surgeries and that God will heal him and his two buddies and give them all a full recovery.

I only have time to send this to a handful of folks. Please forward this message to any prayer warriors you may know. Prayer will heal Max.

When all is said and done, we are reminded that God is good and that all things are possible through Him.

Thanks for your prayers.

Fred Parry (Fred is a community leader and close friend to many VU employees) 

1/23 – My cousin’s girlfriend delivered their baby prematurely. The baby is 13 weeks premature and weighs 2lbs. 15 ounces. Pray for the protection and comfort of both baby and new mom. –Submitted by Tim Tallis

1/13 – Pray for Greg Early and his family, as Greg’s father, Ross, passed away on Saturday.

1/7 – My cousin is expecting their second child, and his girlfriend’s water broke this afternoon. She is currently only 26 weeks pregnant. Please pray for God to put his loving, protecting hands over the baby, my cousin, and his girlfriend. –Submitted by Tim Tallis


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