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Don’t forget to RSVP for Faith Forum if:

  • You like people.
  • You eat lunch.
  • You like food/drink.
  • You like Mizzou.
  • You like hearing someone with a smooth radio voice talk.
  • You can.

Okay, so if we list all the people who this Faith Forum is a great fit for we’d be at it for some time. So instead, let me just encourage you one more time to RSVP and come. This time will feature Mike Kelly, the voice of the Missouri Tigers, and he will share his personal journey of faith, as well as some insights into the University’s sports scene.

We’ll hang out together, we’ll eat, and we’ll hear a great talk. Sounds like a good time to me.  Hope it does to you to, and I hope to see you there.


RSVP on VUHQ Today (space is filling up).


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