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Easter is coming up, so you are planning picnics, outings, egg hunts . . . all sorts of things. Another thing you may be planning is attending church–on Easter a lot of people do. And for a lot of us, this is no different than usual. Sure, the day may be special to us in some way, but church is a pretty regular part of our lives.

But for many people–and many people who want to attend a church on Easter–this is uncommon for them. These are people who may not delve deeply into faith or have a strong church connection, but, for whatever reason, they are looking for a place to go on Easter.

So do you have a church you attend? One you’d love to see a non-church-going co-worker check out on Easter? First, you should invite them. And second, you should send me your church’s Easter Weekend details, so we can get that information out.



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