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It is hard to know who was in the right and who was not in this story. A church was approved to be built, but apparently was too large according to the building laws in the atheist nation of China. Hence the building, a multi-million dollar structure, was demolished this week.

If indeed, the church was not built to code and rules were broken, then it is only fair that consequences were had. Believers are to submit to the governmental authorities in everything that does not demand sin. However, if harsher laws were used on people of faith or there is more to this, it is interesting to ponder. Additionally, China has long been regarded as a nation that suppresses the Christian faith. In doing so (much like ancient Rome experienced), Christianity has only flourished, now reaching around 70 million professing believers in Jesus.

Stories like these should make us ponder how we live in faith, how we react to persecution, and how we take for granted the cherished freedoms we now possess (and how we would react if said freedoms are one day similarly demolished).

Anyway, it is just an article about a building getting demolished. But it could be one that prompts a much deeper internal journey.


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