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You hear stories about a guy who walked around on the sea, turned water into wine, and even rose from the dead, and it is pretty easy to dismiss Jesus as a myth. In fact many people do just that for the simple fact that no person has ever been able to do the things we read that Jesus did.

The Bible, of course, claims that Jesus was real and gives varied accounts of his life, his ministry, and his death. But for someone who doesn’t believe in his miracles, it is a far cry to believe a book all about him, written by God through men who died for this ‘truth’ they claimed.

But if the starting point for a search for truth is whether or not Jesus ACTUALLY even existed, this article provides some interesting information about Jesus from the perspective of scribes and historians of the day, who did not put their hope and trust in the Son of Man.

And I think it an interesting place to start–with whether or not Jesus was a historical character. If one can get to a place where he or she can admit that Jesus was an actual person in time and place, it helps to settle the options for belief. Those options are as follows:

1) Jesus was one of the worst people to ever live. He claimed to be God, claimed to have the keys to the afterlife, formulated a ‘cult’ following, and rebelled so hard against the authorities of the day that they had to put him to gruesome death. If Jesus was real and is not God, he was a dangerous lunatic.

2) Jesus was who he said he was. Yes, this would make him a unique human, but if he was God incarnate, wouldn’t we expect something a bit out of the ordinary?

Those are the options–if Jesus wasn’t totally fabricated, like the Easter Bunny or Paul Bunyan. What is not an option is to say that Jesus was a “nice guy” or a “great teacher” and that’s it. Nice guys do not cause rebellions. Great teachers do not claim to be the sole hope for mankind.

One can have his view on this side of the fence or the other, but, if Jesus actually existed, there is no place to rationally perch atop it and select the most cozy subjective truths and leave the rest.

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