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Clippers Head Coach Doc Rivers banned his team’s pre-game prayer ritual.

Warriors Head Coach Mark Jackson arranged two buses on Easter–one for players who wanted to attend church with him and one for those who didn’t.

Phil Jackson made players accept that god ordained him to coach the team, and openly brought Zen rituals to practices and pre-game routines.

The things the men have in common is that they are wrestling with faith/religion and what is ‘right’ for their specific workplaces.

And it is a delicate issue. And daily it is becoming more and more so. It is difficult for people of faith to discard something so deeply woven into the fabric of who they are, yet it is becoming even more difficult for the non-religious to tolerate any shred of faith outwardly expressed.

So what is one to do? Which lines are PC rubbish and which ones have validity? Do people sharing a workplace have any chance of co-existing without agreeing on everything?–which seems to be the media expectation of the day.

It is an interesting debate, a sea of gray, and one it is getting harder and harder not to dive into.

So what do you feel like the role of faith is in one’s life? And is that a thing that should be suppressed, and, if so, in what ways?


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