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Do you make God look bad?

And I’m not saying through using losing your mind with road rage or just being a jerk in general. Sure, those things matter too, but that is for a different day and a different post.

What I’m getting at is another way I tend to make God look bad on a daily basis, and one I think a lot of us struggle with–so let me ask in another way:

Do you worry?

I don’t tend to think of it this way, but isn’t worry just a way of saying you don’t trust God or perhaps that you think His power isn’t sufficient? God can’t help me, so I worry. God doesn’t have THIS in control, so I worry. Worry, simply put, is rolling our blinded eyes at God’s power because we perceive it as so very limited.

This is not a good thing–not for us, and not for those around us, believers or not.

The antidote to worry is peace. Jesus tells us that He gives us the peace of God. Can you imagine that? Having the peace of the creator of the universe dwelling within me! The Psalms proclaim that He will lead us beside still waters, and make us like a strong tree with deep roots beside a babbling brook. Oh, what a picture! Paul claims that we can have a peace that “surpasses understanding”! That’ll be the day! I wish so often I can have these things . . .

Until I pause and recall that I do. These are offered to believers in Christ; we must simply choose them in times of trial. When the world is spinning out of control, we must reflect that God’s grasp is firm. When our provision is helter-skelter, we must focus on the ultimate provider. When circumstances are so very, very bad, we must trust in the goodness of our Savior.

When peace reigns in my heart and flows forth from my life–no matter what!–I make God look more like who He truly is. When I worry, I usurp His authority and scoff at the precious peace He’s freely offered me, and offer others a weak, middling counterfeit god.

I want to make God look good by trusting Him fully, come what may. And in that, there’s peace.


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