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The Bible talks about faith, hope, and love as a triad of Christian virtue. But it is not an even trio, for the Scriptures also claim, “that the greatest of these is love.”

And as it has been said before, “Ain’t love grand?”

I got to experience a bit of love just moments ago, the unexpected kind that turns one’s day around and restores both one’s faith and hope. And it is funny how so little of the stuff can go such a long way—truly, the act was quite simple. I drive an old Jeep Wrangler, and in the summer months, I seldom have all the pieces of the top firmly in place. Today was no different: though the clouds had prompted me to put the main top and the doors on, the back panel windows and back zip-up glass were left off—laying in the back seat and unzipped, respectively. I was late for a meeting and didn’t have time to fully secure everything.

After exiting the meeting, I noticed a heavy downpour, and thought instantly of the Jeep—mainly, whether or not I had left my Bible and any important documents in range of the deluge. A little water never hurt much, but it is still pretty crummy having wet seats for several hours.

I walked out to the Jeep as the rain let up, ready to close everything off before the next shower hit, only to find that someone had done it for me. They had noticed the problem, dug around in my back seat to find the window panels, and fastened things well enough to insure nothing of mine got wet—while they themselves likely did during the sacrificial act of service. Inside there was no note—nothing to give name to whoever performed the anonymous act of kindness.

It felt great too. This has not been a red letter day for me. I made a mistake, have a bit of damage in a relationship, and had some built-up stressors weighing me down. But all of these things decreased through one loving action. Those things that felt like dominating bullies moments prior, shrunk before me through the power of love. Now they seemed manageable, conquerable.

I cannot thank the person who served me well and selflessly, but I can thank God for him or her, and for pouring His love into them (whether they know of God or not). I can also pray for opportunities to show that same kind of love to someone near me—in fact, inspired by the kindness shown to me, I got the opportunity to pay it forward moments after.

Faith. Hope. Love. I experienced the greatest of these in a small way, and had the others stirred up as a result.


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