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I take much for granted. I just had a good lunch and will go home to a good house and sleep in a good bed. It is easy to neglect these blessings and fail to realize that not everyone knows when their next good meal is going to come or where they will lay their head tonight. But even easier to take for granted, I think, is the simple truth that those without homes are people. They are human beings, just as I am a human being–do I love them this way? Do I look at them with grace and strive to see hope–or am I more prone to look away indifferently?

Thankfully a local group of volunteers have chosen to see the word “homeless” as a description of circumstance, and not a determiner of value.

Read about a difference Columbia made for many of its homeless yesterday, and look for opportunities to love your neighbor as yourself . . . even your neighbors without homes.


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