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The following comes from Sarah Renteria, who got a mysterious illness and spent two months wrestling with it. During this bout, prayer became her signature move. Here is a portion of her story:

On June 10, I started feeling really nauseous and extremely tired. I have never known fatigue like this . . . it was beyond what I felt through even pregnancies or mono. It was as if I could no longer function. About a week and a half later, I started getting a sharp stabbing pain in my upper right quadrant that brought me to my knees. The following day, I was still in a lot of pain and collapsed from weakness and added a slew of other symptoms from massive headache, dizziness, fever and loss of appetite. I started having to miss work just to sleep as I had no energy to get up from bed. I spent days in bed and if I did work, I’d go straight to bed as soon as I got home. My 3 and 5 yo would come lay down next to me to get their “mommy time” and all household related items fell to my husband. I went to various doctors (family physician, ER, back to family physician then referred to GI Specialist). They took rounds of blood work, x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, HIDA scans and more, but there were no answers. I had everyone stumped.

My test results came back clear and the doctors all gave me the same “Well, that’s interesting” response. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk across the street without doubling over in tears. I began having more symptoms including rash, low back pain, etc. I started seeing my chiropractor who practices holistic medicine. He took me off dairy and said that my gallbladder and adrenal glands were extremely weak. He gave me supplements and I started feeling better, at least I could function during the day. This went on for 2 months.

Just when I started to feel human again, I got hit with a bad bacterial infection and viral infection that brought me back to my knees and the vertigo set back in. I ended up missing church that Sunday, which by that point, hadn’t really been that uncommon. There is a group of people who have small group before church and they spent 15 minutes praying for me. Then, after service, they grabbed my husband (our Worship Pastor) and a whole bunch of people prayed for me through him, anointing him with oil, etc. He came home and held me and prayed over me. The rest of the day was about the same but then I woke up Sunday night drenched in sweat and after 2 months of running 99-101, my fever had finally broke! I got up the next morning and all my symptoms had disappeared. I’m about a month from that date and feeling wonderful. There is power in prayer and ironically, that was the sermon the day of my healing.

If you have a story of hope, of purpose, of perseverance you want to share, send it in today.


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