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I’m writing this blog post so I don’t have to do the other things I’m supposed to get done today. Yep, that’s honesty right there. I have two PowerPoint presentations to prepare but I hate pretty much everything about preparing said preparations. Should I make this slide just appear or cartwheel onto the screen? Should it dissolve when I’m finished? Would a little“WHOOSH” sound effect add anything here?  These are the crucial decisions that end up taking about an hour each and sucking away precious moments of my existence.

So instead, I opt to look the other way and divert myself with a blogpost. This diversion should suffice for the day, and tomorrow I may be able to find another suitable distraction. But at some point I know the deep-down truth—I’m going to have to do these PowerPoints. Life is unfair like that.

The thing about all this, and tie this all into something that actually makes sense and serves a purpose beyond wasting my time—and now yours—is that I think I do this with life a fair bit. I need to make an important decision . . . or I can just watch a movie instead. I need to spend some time in prayer . . . or I can sleep in and start that whole prayer thing tomorrow. I need to figure out how to be a better husband . . . or I can sort all that out next year sometime.

I do this. I really do.

And, though I can’t be sure, I bet you probably do this in some ways too.

So what are you tip-toeing around, trying not to wake up in your own life? What are you avoiding? And what might happen if we all began sizing up the problematic parts of our lives and relentlessly going after them. Like now. Not tomorrow. Not when we are older or when we have our next kid or when we absolutely have to, but now?

I’m not sure what that answer is for you, but I know for me, it begins with these dang PowerPoint presentations and moves on to pride and selfishness from there. Now about this slide’s border . . .


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