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I attended our company’s Field Day yesterday. It was great. There was food, drink, games, and plenty of fun to go around. But there was something else too—a cultural phenomenon of sorts. In fact, I hope to go back today, armed with a camera and curiosity, to capture this new intrigue.

I first noticed it as buses were dropping off employees. Small bands of competitors were strolling up to the picnic area, engaged in various conversations, excited for the day away from office and computer screen. Things were progressing absolutely predictably when Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe” came on over the speakers. For the men, this had no effect. They walked on talking of wives and weather and beer, or whatever else their fancy was. And for many of the women, too, this prompted no discernable change in gait or behavior.

But there was a subset of women (and one male) who sort of lost their minds temporarily. One second they were strolling around engaging in normal adult conversation, and the next they were mouthing words and striding in beat as if they were an integral part of a music video. Some actually even sang the words aloud.

I noticed this throughout the day—most notably when “Yeah” by Lil John, Ludacrous, and Usher came on or when “Party in the USA” blared.

The uncanny thing, though, was how completely acceptable this was. Also, noteworthy was how quickly the woman would go from pop diva back into the realm of normal conversing human being. Sometimes they just performed for a word or lyric, sometimes a verse, but whatever the duration, the transformation back would happen, quick as a blink, and not another thought about it was had—at least, not for anyone but me.

Today, I hope to head back out to the field to do more research on this phenomenon. I hope to see you there—playing, talking, walking, and, yes, singing passionately to know one in particular.


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