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Yesterday, my wife and I had a meeting at an eatery with someone after work. I got there early and waited for my wife to show up before entering the restaurant. At an outdoor table, a brother tickled his kid sister. It got me to thinking about tickling and how essential it is to tickle responsibly. So here are some Important Tickling Distinctions (ITDs) to take into your weekend:

A child tickling another child: Cute

A person tickling a dog behind its ear: Playful

A person tickling a dog behind its rear: Gross

A child tickling another child until that child uses the bathroom or vomits: Mean

A man tickling his little nephew: Bonding

A man tickling his good friend’s little nephew: Reasonable

A man tickling a random person’s little nephew: Wrong

A man tickling a random person’s grown-up nephew: Dangerous

A man tickling his own grown-up nephew who tickles back: Weird and Probably Illegal

A man tickling his reflection in the mirror: Abstract

A woman tickling the ivories: Beautiful

The ivories tickling a woman: Haunted

A husband tickling his wife: Flirty

A wife tickling her husband: Fun

A wife and husband tickling each other and laughing and poking and nuzzling noses while sitting next to me in the theater: Disturbing

A dog tickling a person behind the person’s ear: Impressive

A man contemplating tickling in all its forms while he sits outside a restaurant waiting for his wife to arrive at a meeting: Blogging


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