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There are days when I am so pleased with my marriage it nearly moves me to tears. I have this lovely person willing to do life with me, day in and day out, without even nagging me about the toothpaste stains in my bathroom sink (at least I’m brushing my teeth, right?). I feel blessed in these times, like God knew exactly what He was doing and that He, you know, actually loves me.

But then there are other times. When my wife vacuums during the big Cardinals playoff game, or when the weekend off turns into another trip to the in-laws, where the dark secret part of my heart wonders. I know these thoughts are irrational, unhelpful, and even wrong, but, you know what, maybe this wouldn’t be happening if she hadn’t donated my favorite t-shirt from college without even considering that the holes in it held special meaning to me! 

It is in these moments, when marriage isn’t EXACTLY what I think it should be (for my personal fulfillment and utter unchallenged happiness), that I can ignorantly think, “Perhaps I made a mistake.” This article does a nice job speaking to that small, sinful impulse: Help, I Married the Wrong Person.


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