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So I wanted to write some deep faith truths here today, but, as it is prone to do, my mind got totally waylaid. This morning it was a friend’s confession that did the trick of luring my brain off the path of purpose. It was a total blindside, too. No, he didn’t confess to an affair or some string of roadside murders. But his admission startled me nonetheless.

“Yeah, I take baths,” he admitted proudly.

I don’t know a single other guy who takes baths–or, maybe I do and I just didn’t know about it! Maybe most guys do and I’m the one in the dark? I wanted to use Google to help me find some data, but I feared what those searches might turn up (no good things can come from the search: “Dudes taking baths.”) and would like to keep my job today.

“I use salts and sometimes bubbles,” my friend went on. He described his “killer” birthday present from his wife–a bath “caddy”! Apparently, this is some sort of mechanism that allows him to have some counter space in the tub, you know for his book and his wine. Yep, wine. He sips wine in the tub! What is happening! Hearing all this made me want to go home and take a shower . . .

But maybe I’m totally missing it! Maybe baths are where it is at? I’ll admit to eating a few pop-sickles in the shower, but I’ve never sipped wine and read the newspaper.

So what of it . . . do you have any male bath-takers in your world?


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