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A fellow VU employee sent me the following article because his mother-in-law works at the Middle School of which the boy is associated.

Apparently, in addition to this boy being pronounced dead and then making a full recovery moments later in the hospital, a family at the hospital heard the boy being praying for and his subsequent recovery, and asked the group of prayers to come pray for their child in a nearby room. That child was diagnosed as paralyzed, yet upon being prayed for, shrugged off the diagnosis and began dancing on his bed.

You can read more about these news stories–they are making their rounds. And, of course, it is natural to view them with a skeptical eye. It could be made up; it could be exaggerated. But there is always, too, that great “what if?” The “what if” that says that if any part of this is real, is genuine, and is a way for God come into our little rooms and clear His throat, that it might be worthwhile to take notice.

I’ll close this post the same way the person who sent it my way closed his email to me:

God is amazing


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