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By: Robin May, VU Faith & Wellness Coordinator

Last October, I was sitting in a coffee shop with my boss completing my obligatory mid-year review. Now I love(d) my boss and I loved my job so this wasn’t by any means a painful conversation. Sales of our new pharmaceutical product were strong and our vision for the next six months was aggressive, but achievable. Yet out of nowhere, I announced to my boss that I sensed a stirring in my heart for a change. I was as surprised by this statement as he was and quickly wondered about my ever-natural and omnipresent gift of saying things I shouldn’t.

A month or so later – again much to my surprise – I found myself discussing the possibility of joining the VU Dream Team, doing my DREAM JOB. The thought of driving three miles to work (instead of 1,200 a week) where I could enhance lives by encouraging people in the things I’m most passionate about – faith and wellness – seemed too good to be true. In my heart, I felt confident this is what God purposed me to do. But did it require a career move that would take me from my comfortable world into the daunting gray of change? I was pretty decent at my job and the opportunities of the corporate ladder were now within my reach. Was it even wise to consider leaving the security my job offered?

Well it’s not like I can build suspense to this story. You know the ending. I am here and couldn’t be more excited or more thankful. But, how did I get here? Here is what I found was most helpful for me (and perhaps for you when you find yourself in my shoes) in contemplating this BIG life change.

  1. Ok, so I’m the new faith girl so of course you might expect this one. But while it may be obvious to pray, I found myself struggling with what to pray for. I wanted clarity. I wanted to make the right decision. I wanted to do what was best for my family and for all the people at VU who would be affected by this decision. I wanted my decision to be pleasing, not just to the created around me, but to my Creator.
  2. Get in sync with your significant other. Again, this seems pretty obvious but I found its importance can’t be overstated. This process is stressful and is filled with emotions. For my husband and me, we talked through it forward and backward over several weeks. We prayed about it, individually and together. And yet there were still tears shed (yeah, they were mine) and communication breakdowns. Give your partner grace in the process; change for you means change for him or her too.
  3. Consult your Board of Directors. The scriptures tell of how Jesus assembled his 12 disciples who became his circle of confidants. In the same way, who sits at your table as you do life? Who do you respect both personally and professionally? Who has a heart for your burdens and can offer wise counsel? For me, this objective group reminded me of Biblical truths and economic realities, and empowered me to not let the fear of change keep me from this calling.

Honor God each day with your best. During the few months of interviewing and deliberation, there were days I found myself struggling to stay motivated in my job. I began to imagine what my life at VU might look like and I liked it, which made getting out of the car to walk into sales calls extremely difficult. But with some wise words from my spiritual mentor, it became clear that the most important job I will ever have is to honor God in my work by doing it with excellence and gratitude. Now I look forward to doing that alongside each of you.


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