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Joe Lindsey is a VU intern who is traveling around different departments and seeking out his niche before heading off to college. Today, Joe spent some time with me and even authored a killer blogpost. Read it over and offer Joe any advice or encouragement you have.

Hello Members of the Veterans United,

My name is Joseph Lindsey, Intern at VU.


I would like to talk about how I got into the internship to Veterans United. On the month of May, I was in school and Mitch Casteel was at my school which was Muriel Williams Battle High School. He had talked to my case worker/teacher that was in charge of me for school. My teacher talked to me and I was shocked to hear that I possibly had gotten a internship through VU and I accepted the offer of the internship. My teacher got Mitch to get together with my Job Coordinator David West from ACT. By the time of Graduation of school on May 23rd, I got the internship and started on June 10th. I have really liked it here at VU!!!


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  1. Hey Joe! Happy to have you on the team for the summer. Where are you going to college? Are you finding any career paths at VU that may interest you after school?

  2. Intern, author… What’s next? CEO? :) Glad the internship has been going great so far, it was such a pleasure to hang out and talk shop! I know the developers are excited to have you back here in Oscar! Can’t wait to see you again buddy!

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