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  • Our values state that “we actively contribute to the Veterans United family spirit.” One way we do that comes from another piece of our values: “we genuinely care about the well-being of others.”

    Since all we do hinges upon excellence, it only makes sense that we seek not only professional and business growth, but also growth in how we care for one another.

    Family Readiness Group—a name borrowed from the United States Armed Forces for a similar program—seeks to streamline and improve the care we give one another. It will take employees who want to step in and serve others in hard times, and help enlist them in the times of need for their co-workers.

    Currently, our Family Readiness Group will be divided into three groups:

    1. Helpers – This group will be comprised of those who are willing to get into a situation and use their physical skills/knowledge. This could include mowing a lawn, helping someone move or doing some repairs around the house— but there will be plenty of opportunities for both those with home repair skills and those without!
    2. Encouragers – This group will provide care through encouragement. Often this will include writing a card, sending a warm email or finding some other way to uplift a co-worker in his or her time of need.
    3. Feeders – This group will provide food for the weary. Anyone who has been through a time of loss or unrelenting stress, knows that sometimes the little things, like planning the next meal, can become a daunting task or an afterthought entirely. This group will help carry the co-worker through the time of need by providing a meal (or meals) for the coworker in need and his or her family.

    You can certainly sign-up for more than one group. By having a list of willing participants, it will allow us to serve one another well as the company grows. To hold onto our culture, we must find ways to hold onto each other, and the Family Readiness Group will help us do just that.

    RSVP today on VU Central! Contact Amy Starr, Robin May or Matt Gordon with questions!​


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