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Email selections to Matt Gordon by the end of the day 9/4. Meeting details will be communicated through your group leaders the week of 9/8- 9/11. Most groups will begin in mid-September. Some groups have locations and start times; others will be working to figure out details with group members.


Jesus is Greater than Religion by Jefferson Bethke —led by Patrick Cox & Andy Cook (Echo, 7:30 Tuesdays)Geared for the over-churched and unchurched, this book and group will meet you where you are—wherever that may be.

The Book of Romans—led by James Leach and Tyler Haddad (Sierra, 7:30 Wednesdays) This group will get together this week to learn and to grow through the study of Paul’s most famous letter.

 Heaven by Randy Alcorn—led by Matt Gordon (TBD, Tuesdays) Most worldviews feature some view on the afterlife . . . so what does Christianity really say about Heaven? And would I really even want to go there?

 Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand—led by Dan O’Hearn & Kellie Faerber (Echo, TBD)Louis Zamperini’s story of survival, resilience, & redemption will stretch you, inspire you, &, just maybe, challenge you to consider deeper truths on suffering, courage, & forgiveness.

 The Matheny Manifesto by Mike Matheny—led by Stan Shollenbarger (TBD) This book considers counter-cultural philosophies to youth sports, discipleship, parenting, and can be applied to any area of leadership. 

What Did You Expect? by Paul Tripp—led by Rod & Christina Dablemont (TBD)We get all dressed up, get married, and then . . . well, the ‘til death do us part’ phase begins. FOR-EV-ER. This book gives practical advice for how to view marriage and how to do it better.

The Book of Romans (Bible)—led by Tim Tallis (Echo, 8:00 Wednesdays) This ongoing group focuses on books of the Bible and encourages open and honest feedback.

Crazy Busy by Keven DeYoung—led by Chris Lunn & Amy Starr (TBD) This book rebels against a “life of constant chaos.” It will challenge, and perhaps even free you from the needlessly frenetic pace of life, and allow you to reinvest your sacred time in more purposeful ways.

 Yankee Group- Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman—Group led (TBD) This group is open to any, but will meet at Yankee. It will explore what it really means to be a believer—and what it doesn’t. Funny and uniquely insightful, a great book for discussion.

 The Road to Character—led by Jerry Taylor (TBD) This book—part philosophy, part business, part faith—focuses on the deeper values that can and should inform our lives. Constantly considering worldly virtues against “eulogy virtues” this book will have you questioning motives, relationships, and insights in your own life.

Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend by Ravi Zacharias—led by Randy Raw & Phil Hotchkiss (Oscar, 7:00 Thursdays)This book sets out to address the virtues and reasonableness of the Christian faith. Its intellectual vantage will challenge both believers and unbelievers alike.

The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis—led by Matt Gordon (TBD, Fridays)We’ll read through the beloved tales, enjoying the beauty of creativity while seeking to unearth the theological and philosophical gems hidden in these fictional jaunts to Narnia.

Kilo Group – Unoffendable by Brant Hansen—led by Mitch Casteel & Andrew De Stadler (TBD) In a society that takes offense at everything, what would it look like to surrender that right? To deny our self “the right” to take offense and stay angry over trivial things? (Open to all employees, just centered in Kilo-area)

 Jesus on Leadership by Gene Wilkes—led by Zach Hockett & Ryan Melton (TBD) This book offers seven principles to assist leaders fashioned after the techniques of Jesus. Good for any who are looking to grow in leadership and lead with humility.

Fitting Both God & Alcohol Into Your Life (flexible weekly meeting) This group meets to support, strengthen, and rally together in considering the role alcohol plays in our lives, and how it can best fit into a broader worldview.

 World Religion – TBD—This group, covering major world religions, will meet later in the semester. Check the box to stay in the know about it.


All the Places to Go by John Ortberg —led by Natalie Hardin & Kathy Terlep (Social Perk, 7:30 Thursdays) This study will focus on recognizing the open doors all around us and gaining the courage to walk through them.

 Women of the Word by—led by Robin May & Celina Mowery (TBD, 11:00 Tuesdays) We want to read the Bible . . . but how does one even begin? This group will offer clear concise guidance on how to read deeper, to learn, and to grow.

The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst —led Kerri Roberts & Lacey Burrell (TBD, Lunch Fridays) How do we make wise choices when we are so overwhelmed? This study will help us rise above time-consuming (unfair) demands on your time, and allow you more peace through wisdom.

 The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren—led by Christina Dablemont (Delta, 7:15 Thursdays) You are not an accident, and the actions we take in life should not be either. This book challenges the way we think about the world, ourselves, and the mark we will make on it and others.

 Lighthouse/Sierra Ladies Study – Stuck by Jennie Allen—led by Jen Gesch & Jessica Nelson (Sierra, 8:30 Wednesdays) It is easy to get in life’s ruts. We get stuck in more ways than we can name. This study helps us identifies ways we are stuck, and then graciously shows us the path toward freedom. (Open to all women, but centered in Sierra.)

  Stuck by Jennie Allenled by Robin May & Misty Spain (Echo, 7:30 Fridays) See description above. Join a great group of women as they grow in faith and in relationship with each other.

 Beth Moore James Study by Beth Moore—led by Robin May & JoHannah Gordon (7 PM Wednesdays) This study will be a Wednesday evening option held alternating weeks in the Gordon home (off Forum) and the May home (near Daniel Boone ball fields). Space is limited.


The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler—led by Andrew Stewart & Tom Young (Social Perk, Lunch Thursdays) See description in the Co-ed section. Great opportunity to dig deep alongside other men.

Alpha Men’s Group—led by Adam Crutchfield (Alpha, Mornings, TBD) This group may do a study, and it may not. More so, this will be a chance every-other-week for men to get together, connect over faith, and walk through life together. (Open to all men.)

Dads Group—led by Greg Steinhoff (Echo, 7:00 Wednesdays) Calling all dads! This group is perfect for those seeking to lead and love well in the role of “father” and all that entails. Study will be determined at the first meeting.


Basics Course—led by Matt Gordon (TBD – Beginning in Mid-October) This group—perfect for seekers, skeptics, as well as those wanting to take next steps in faith—is a 5-week journey exploring the Bible in week one,  and then its over-arching themes: Creation, Fall/Sin, Redemption, Christian Ethics. This group will feature laid-back lessons on tenets of the Christian faith that will allow those outside the faith a clearer understanding of Christianity and those in the faith an opportunity for growth.

 □ Family Readiness Group This is a simple way to love and care for fellow VU employees in their times of need. Sign up on VU Central. It is under AUGUST 28th, as that is when the first window for sign-ups ends.

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First Tuesday Prayer—meets 7:30 AM in Echo Conference Room This once-a-month meeting is a simple time of prayer for VU employees to pray for VU leadership, borrowers, and coworkers. Check the box if you would like to have reminders about this emailed to you.

One-On-One Sessioncheck the box to have Robin or Matt contact you about arranging a time to sit down and talk about faith (or anything really!) in a safe, comfortable manner.


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