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By Matt

Yesterday I wrote a silly post about my mother’s cats. She has these cats she is trying to get rid of but because of her love for them she leaves out important details about . . . well . . . just how nightmarish said cats are. You should read it if you have ever had, you know, that one type of pet (the kind your carpet still testifies to).

My friend Emily read the post and had this amazing insight: “I wonder what an ad would look like if someone wrote truthfully about me . . .”

It got me to thinking about what the difference might be in the ad featuring me written by the person who loves me the most and the person that knows me the most. Conveniently, that person happens to be one in the same: me. I’ll take a crack, I guess . . .

Matt for free: Welcome a love-able, funny man into your house. Seriously, what a wit! He’ll write or tell you stories, and squeeze the sweet marrow out of the bones of your previously Matt-less life. He’s good-looking, sure, but that doesn’t even begin to compare to how gosh-darned good-natured he is! Did I mention he’s funny? Also, he’s well-read, but not bookish–I mean, he likes sports and activities with the best of them. Well-groomed and tidy, this Matt will have almost zero negative impact on any facet of your household or life. He’s just an all-around put-together guy!!!!

Or . . . with a bit of honestly . . .

Matt for free: Welcome a needy person into your household. He’ll use humor and stories as a defense mechanism or to make you think he is something he is not. He’ll avoid deep truths for frivolity most times. He’ll suck the soul out of others, if it comes down to helping him fill himself. In his eyes, sadly, he is nearly always atop the list. He wants good for others, as long as his lot is just a bit better. He’s good-natured, unless he is tired, hungry, feeling unappreciated, or devalued; then he is pretty hard to be around. Especially when you ask him to help out or do something he doesn’t “feel” like doing. He’ll read, but often it is just to feed his own pride through knowledge rather than wholesome or helpful inquisition. He likes sports and will even lie prostrate before them for hours at a time, disregarding his wife or his duties. He takes care of himself and cultivates the outer things, and often leaves the inner person disheveled, unkempt, and disregarded. He puts himself first. He’s just an all-around broken guy.


It is interesting how perspective alters so many things . . . truth being paramount among them. And while the first write-up–the resume one–is calculated and dishonest, the latter one isn’t true either. Some of the details are, sure, but fortunately I don’t have to critique myself. I’m a sinner and I’m broken, but in the end, it isn’t my own assessment that means much at all. It is God’s view of me. This certainly isn’t all of it, but perhaps his view of me (based on what His Word says) would help me live a life more in step with who He calls me to be?

Matt for free: This isn’t just a Matt. He’s fearfully and wonderfully made. I knew him intimately in the depths, before he was even born. Before time began, I knew him: his thoughts, his deeds, his words. And I loved him anyways. I look at him and I see my son Christ. In fact, I look at him as a son. He is my beloved: a saint, an overcomer, a sacred, eternal piece of my workmanship–art precious in its connection with me. Selfish at times, yes. Prideful, sure. Evil and fallen, of course. But also forgiven. Absolutely. My love for him knows no fine print. And he’s not only that: he’s a new creation! NEW! Made utterly new and shaking off the death and curse of this world. He will reign–that’s right, reign!–with me forever. I love him for what he is and for what I will perfect and complete him to be.

Amen. (And also, seriously, those cats are still free!)


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