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By Matt

There is a lot wrong with this world. Argue that and we’ll just sit down and watch the news together. But amid all the pain and suffering, there are some glimpses of rightness too.

Like this morning before I left for work. It was around 7:15 or so, and across the street a large suburban hung out from my neighbor’s driveway and into the street. Its front-end ventured into the street because of a large trailer hooked to it. Behind that trailer was a flurry of activity as several 50-somethings men loaded duffel bags and fishing gear into it. They were laughing, and one man was showing a friend the mechanics of his rod and reel, pointing to various features proudly. At the glass front door, the matriarch of the house looked on with a warm expression. She appeared happy her husband was getting this experience, and probably a little excited about some time alone–perhaps her friends would be coming over for an adventure all their own.

I pulled out of the drive happy for these men I don’t know–and for their jaunt out to some river, some woods, somewhere and nowhere all at once. They would laugh and talk and grow age-old friendships; truly, a beautiful thing. And they were so excited about it too.

I’m off to a lake later to see family. We’ll laugh and talk and grow our own age-old friendships. And in moments like these–the truly good ones, chockful of community and love–where one can sense the goodness of life, and perhaps even heighten his or her awareness of an author to such goodness.

He is the God of little adventures, the God of community. And this thing in us that gets excited about these things was put there by Him, a preview to the feature presentation He will someday bring about.

I hope you have a tremendous long weekend that leads to laughs and deeper loves, and maybe, just maybe, leads to a worship of this God,somewhere and nowhere all at once.


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