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By Matt

Well, it is that time of year again . . .


Yep, those seven boxes (two of which are labeled with an ominous HEAVY label) indicate that another semester of VU Small Groups is about to get under way.

The books are great. They contain many a beautiful sentence, winsome word, and, perhaps, life-changing take on an age-old idea.

But the real beauty is not of a bunch of coworkers reading punchy prose. The real beauty is of people getting together as just that: people. Flawed. Vulnerable. Broken. In process. Working on it. Praying. Hoping. Dreaming. It is the process, and the purity of entering into that process with others: therein lies the beauty.

I hope if you are reading this, that you’ve found a group to adventure with–one who will listen, think, and grow right along with you. If you are not in this sort of group, let me know, and we’ll find something for you.

We could easily make a point here that those are just boxes and it is what is inside of them that counts, and how that is precisely how our lives are. But you already know that. And you have a group to discuss it all with.



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