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Today, Matt Holliday will visit VU employees, which is a very big deal. He’ll tell some stories and pose for some pictures, and may even give some a spiritual jolt.

But then he’ll leave.

We’ll get a little over an hour of his time, and then he’ll head back to his world–to baseball and to family.

And while jolts are good (that is why we are having him in, after all), we need instead to rely on a steady stream of current for true opportunities for growth in all areas of our lives.

So in addition to having Matt Holliday come in for the day, we’ll also be rolling out a new semester’s worth of small groups. We have groups that study books, groups that get together and deal in life, groups that last all semester, groups that are short. We have men’s groups and women’s groups and co-ed groups, groups that cover history, fiction, nonfiction, and groups that will be based on topical conversation. In short, I think there is probably a group for you and for your VU friends.

Consider registering for a group here. I’ll also paste the list here this afternoon and you can inter-office or email in your selections and we’ll get you registered.

Sign-ups are due by February 8th, and most groups will begin mid-February.


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