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It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.  Prov 25:2

Sometimes I just wished I had all the answers!  I hate now not knowing what is going to happen next.  I wonder about tomorrow and sometimes forget to live in the present.  Can you relate?

In Proverbs Solomon tries to explain this by helping us to understand that quite simply, we do not know all that God knows.

As simple as that sounds stop and think about it for a minute…  If you knew everything that God knew,  how big is your God?  Why would I even need a God at that point?  The point is I live in a world that is so full of things I do not understand or can comprehend that it makes me appreciate just how big and diverse the world is.  The bigger the world is and the more I don’t know the more it makes my God all that much greater.

So what are we to do with that?  Search it out, dig in, ask, grow.

When my daughters were growing up they both hated math.  They just did not enjoy it.  They would come home with their homework and sit at the counter and pour over the problems one by one sometime to the point of tears.

So when the request finally came for help my wife and I would do our best to help them out.  Because our desire was for our daughters to learn math we did not just come in and answer the questions for them.  Instead we would make sure we knew the answers and then proceed to help my daughters come to an awareness of how to solve the problems.  So in a way I concealed what I knew so that I could help my daughters continue to search out the answer, with our help.  Eventually they would start to get it and I always loved the moments when by the end of the night they could breeze through the rest of the questions and sometime even have a smile on their face as they answer the last questions.

I think this is what Solomon is saying.  We serve a God that is big enough and has all the answers.  May we seek his wise counsel even when it seems he is far away or hidden from us.

written by Stan Shollenbarger


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