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“The greatest among you shall be your servant” – Matthew 23:11 ESV

You know what I love? Prideful people. People who take all for themselves; glory, renown, money, fame and keep it to themselves. The people I love the most are those who are in positions of power and totally wield it unyieldingly for their own good. I love those people.

Said no one ever.

No one ever said that they loved that their boss was a selfish, greedy person who cared very little for them. That doesn’t mean that we don’t land in a position in life where the person in power over us isn’t greedy, but we don’t end up staying in that position long because it is unbearable to be used for their gain. We don’t like it.

And yet, too often when we find ourselves thrust into some kind of leadership position, we end up becoming that way too. It’s in our sinful nature to desire more for ourselves and less for others. You aren’t alone in that and you aren’t doing anything against what your human nature directs you toward.

Luckily, we have Jesus as a beacon of humility that shows us how we should approach our leadership. Jesus called out the Pharisees and religious leaders for selfishly white knuckling their positions of power to remain and retain their control over the people. Telling everyone else that they were wrong and unable to live up to the same standard that they achieved and that’s why they had the power and the ruled population didn’t.

However, Jesus not only tells us that we are worthy, but he knows that we can’t, on our own, live up to a standard of perfection that God expects of us. AND YET, He still loves us, cares for us and leads us despite our deficiencies. And because of his kindness toward us, we can live humbly knowing that regardless of what we have and what we achieve, we can be vessels of His love and mercy. By his example we too can lead, offer a listening ear, console and correct in loving and humble ways. We don’t have to be the greedy or selfish because we have already earned everything we could ever imagine through our salvation in Jesus. No money, power, fame or object can replace what we get when we follow Jesus.

Dear Lord, Thank you for sending your son to show us how to live humbly. When objects of the world become more important than the relationships and love we have for other people, help us to right the ship and walk humbly in your footsteps. In your name, Amen.

written by Matt Boness


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