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Whilst car shopping during a pandemic Matt begins to focus on a certain feature, a plug. In doing so he starts to miss the bigger picture. By focusing on this tiny feature he may never even use he misses seeing whole of the vehicle that will be transporting him and his family for years to come. In a similar way, we do this with the story of Jonah. Tune in to hear this week’s exploration of the narrative of this ancient story about a man, a fish, and so much more.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this series. I came across a verse this weekend that is a little off topic from this week but fits in with the overall story.

    I was reading Acts 8:29-30 where God instructs Philip to go talk with an Ethiopian Eunuch. Philip’s response to God’s call was not only to go, but verse 30 says Philip RAN to him. What a contrast to Johan! Not only does Philip obey God’s call, but he does it with such a sense of enthusiasm and joy.

    I pray that I approach God’s call to me more like Philip every day.

    Thanks again for sharing. Looking forward to the upcoming weeks!

    1. What a wonderful parallel story and contrasting image. Thank you for sharing, Jeff. We’re so glad you’re enjoying the series!

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