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This year has been a wild ride.  There’s been change, division, uncertainty, and plain ol’ strangeness.  But, with all that came some good things too.  Opportunities.  Opportunities for change, to try on new endeavors, learn from old ones, and move forward, towards more understanding, more unity.  As we think back on this extraordinary year, we wanted to share a few of our favorite words and moments each Monday through the month of December, as we continue the adventure in faith and beyond.  

This week’s selections are below.  We hope you find something you might have missed and feel encouraged to preserve in loving yourself and others well and often. 

I’m Tired: A Simple Thought and Simple Prayer – Judgement, misinformation, WFH, data, politics, thorns, thistles. Tired.  Is it a need to escape or an escape-hangover? Chicken or Egg or too tired to figure it out? Listen as our tired host, Matt Gordon, gives us his simple thoughts and a simple prayer for rest.

Metamorphosis:  A Change From This to That by Ellen Nimmo – Imagine an entire generation on a journey, en masse, towards a place they’ve never been, to survive, to fulfill their purpose and make the long voyage back, returning from whence they came.

The Wonderful Perks of Social Distancing by Matt Gordon – There was some funny, right? In the early days of pandemic, when “social distancing” was #new, we considered the wonderful advantage of the concept. Just think of all the weddings you got to avoid! Someday we’ll return to beautiful normal, sure; but a little part of us will always miss the carefree days of missing everything!

Letter to Myself by Katie Choi – Do you regularly take stock of your emotions?  Our guess is that can be intimidating or feel too time consuming or *insert any sort of excuse right here*.  I’m with you, Katie writes.  Read a letter Katie wrote to herself, as she works to practice vulnerability and encourages us to do the same. 

Next Monday we’ll be back with 4 more of our Favorites from 2020!


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