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This year has been a wild ride.  There’s been change, division, uncertainty, and plain ol’ strangeness.  But, with all that came some good things too.  Opportunities.  Opportunities for change, to try on new endeavors, learn from old ones, and move forward, towards more understanding, more unity.  As we think back on this extraordinary year, we wanted to share a few of our favorite words and moments each Monday through the month of December, as we continue the adventure in faith and beyond.  

This week’s selections are below.  We hope you find something you might have missed and feel encouraged to preserve the loving yourself and others well and often. 

  • Love Your Neighbor by Morgan Stoecklein “Community is essential to experiencing true peace in the midst of the twists and turns of life.” Do you believe that? Do you act on that belief? Read more about how humility, selflessness and loving your neighbor as yourself can lead to a deeper and more satisfying community, and how that community can be a rock through the wind and waves of life.  

  • Where the Debate Got It Right by Matt Gordon – A tumultuous election season found a climax in a debate gone wrong. For all the hand-wringing and pontificating on lackluster candidates who lacked civility, something was revealed about ourselves: that we desire what we are not rather than becoming what we desire. We are the lackluster candidates we’ve created.

  • Sports! Episode XIX – The guys, Gordo and Z-baby, talk holiday décor timing, forgiveness and judgment in sports, and golf. FORE!!!!! SPORTS!!!!!!!!

  • Mark My Words:  Follow Me by Matt Gordon – Jesus comes with two famous words that kick off the Book of Mark but also springboard a global movement. “Follow” and “Me”: two beautifully complex words that lead to so much more.
  • Small But Mighty the Power of Emotions by Kelly Wright – Before Kelly joined us as a co-worker she was a community partner. She shared this insightful post with us about the power of emotions and how we can deal with our emotions instead of letting them deal with us. 


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