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This year has been a wild ride.  There’s been change, division, uncertainty, and plain ol’ strangeness.  But, with all that came some good things too.  Opportunities.  Opportunities for change, to try on new endeavors, learn from old ones, and move forward, towards more understanding, more unity.  As we think back on this extraordinary year, we wanted to share a few of our favorite words and moments each Monday through the month of December, as we continue the adventure in faith and beyond.  

This week’s selections are below.  We hope you find something you might have missed and feel encouraged to preserve the loving yourself and others well and often. 

  • A Christmas Storm by Matt Gordon – The clouds of grief roll in; trials rain down. But even the darkest seasons have light. This post challenges the foundation you are built upon as well as the screws that hold you together. When the storms roll in, will you stand firm?
  • Making Memories by Katie Choi – What goes into making a good memory?  A trip to the beach allowed for some self-reflection on what can rob an experience of joy and wonder and how we can reclaim space for making memories. 
  • Friday Naturally – In a world of uncertainty, certainly spring happened.  Transport back to the beginning of the pandemic and spring through the first in a series of short reflections on the natural world and beyond.
  • Living Tributes: Neighbor by Matt Gordon – A walk through the woods became anything but thanks to the endearing kindness of a tender, elderly neighbor. Read this Living Tribute about a man, and then consider the precious neighbors who have resided near your life.
  • The Dog in the Black Dress by Ellen Nimmo – A play, both comedy and tragedy, with players both real and imagined.  Explore the Spanish Flu epidemic through the eyes of a child and how one woman’s commitment to a deep conviction influenced generations to come.


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