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This year has been a wild ride.  There’s been change, division, uncertainty, and plain ol’ strangeness.  But, with all that came some good things too.  Opportunities.  Opportunities for change, to try on new endeavors, learn from old ones, and move forward, towards more understanding, more unity.  As we think back on this extraordinary year, we wanted to share a few of our favorite words and moments each Monday through the month of December, as we continue the adventure in faith and beyond.  

This week’s selections are below.  We hope you find something you might have missed and feel encouraged to preserve the loving yourself and others well and often. 

  • Uncertain Times, Certainly by Matt Gordon – 2020 reminded us of a thing we are forever trying to forget: We are not in control. So with shifting perspectives amid pandemic, is there anything of which we can be certain? Certainly, we can.
  • Jonah, a video seriesWhat happens when the script doesn’t go like we thought?  In this year of unexpected, we decided to take a look at the ancient story of Jonah and explore questions of good.  Take part in the journey by accessing this 11 week video series led by Matt Gordon, whenever you access digital material in this digital age. 
  • The Fall, A Friday Folly by Matt Gordon – Adam and Eve fell. Everything fell with them. Part of this ignoble fall was the very fall itself, a maniac desire that swoops in and bestirs the masses to Hobby Lobby, cluttering their homes with foliage and reminders of the season. Truly, this seasonal madness borders on sin, right?
  • What Do You Do With a Broken Heart?  By Ellen Nimmo – The question isn’t ironic or hypothetical or even rhetorical – it’s genuine.  When your heart is breaking what do you do?  What would you tell your friend to do?  Read this short expose to discover one heart’s method in dealing with, in healing, the breaking, the broken, the hurting heart. 


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