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By Brock Bukowsky

Sometime around 2010, I began to get convicted. Not in the way where you just shrug it off and move on, either. No, this was the sort of thing I couldn’t shake. As the company I co-founded grew, I became convinced that God had built a platform through our workplace to inspire people to deep, real faith.

In fact I wrote that, and more, to our executive team, trying to figure out if there was a way we could build profound relationships and offer meaningful faith opportunities at our growing, secular company.

In 2013, we launched a “Faith & Community” department. It would seek human flourishing through relational community, all while introducing winsome faith opportunities into the workplace. It was messy and complex and confusing—and it still is.

But it has also enhanced lives. It has invited thousands of people into conversations about life, about meaning and purpose, about eternity, about faith. It has taken people to other countries to drop everything and serve, and it has invited coworkers to wash the feet of those immediately around them. It has cried and laughed alongside coworkers at the worst and best moments; it has written and taught and thought and read and dreamed of earth as it is in Heaven.

As our company has grown—and looks to continue on that trajectory over the next few years—we realize that each life represents an eternal opportunity for grace to be realized, hope to be deepened, and love to be lavished. It is a huge, beautiful invitation to truly participate in the divine.

But beyond that, it doesn’t stop at the walls of our offices. The mission of our company is one of our values, “Enhance Lives Every Day.” Whose lives? Our clients, our coworkers and their families, and our communities. In short: everyone! Flourishing is not a company thing; it is a human one.

So if you are growing or starting a business out there, or maybe you are just a leader looking for opportunities through your work, please feel free to reach out to us. We would welcome any conversation that might spur you on to love and good deeds. As the idea and access to true community in our world seems to be on a steady decline, the workplace offers an unrelenting network of collaboration and togetherness. And this fusing of people together creates that hopeful opportunity for love and truth to go forth, or to quote Chesterton about the church, “to let good things run wild.”

If you are still reading these words, I wonder if there could be a reason—some specific timeliness, some subtle call? And if so, I wonder what you might do with that? My hope is that there is some eternal, wonderful thing that you, like me all those years ago, just can’t shake—that you can’t just shrug it off and move on. Instead, that you would move in, closer and deeper and truer than ever before.


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