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By Walt Walton

I walked into work & noticed a friend

Right before I punched in the clock

He walked up to me & tested my Faith

He put me right on the spot

Asking me why I believe

While also giving several reason to why he did not

He proceeded to ask about Jesus saying “What is your Thesis”

Can you please tell me why you believe?

Then I said sure, let me take you on tour

I can actually tell you a couple of things

Jesus said I Am the Bread of Life, see what that really means

No more Hunger or Thirsting, for those who Come & Believe

Those who are hidden in Christ will be forever Redeemed

He also said I Am the Door to the Sheep

The sheep hear His voice & He calls them by name

Please recognize He’s the Lamb that was Slain

For Him, to Him, & through Him are all things

To Him be the Glory Forever

Can I pray for you?

Yes, pray that my soul will endeavor!


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