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By Walt Walton

Growing up I seen my Infrastructure was Diversified

A lot going on in the neighborhood, but that Information is Classified

Had to swallow your Pride, or you can get Neutralized

Living where many entered by the narrow gate, where the way is Easy for the gate is wide

I also entered by that way to, at a point in time

I suggest entering by the narrow gate where the way is Hard, because it leads to Life

I was once headed towards Destruction & wasn’t living right

Then I learned to walk by Faith and not by Sight

Let me clarify, and specify as I testify

John 14:6, allowed me to discover Jesus is the only one Certified

Here’s the reason why

By Peter three times denied, Pontius Pilate said “Free Barabbas or Jesus, I’ll let ya’ll decide.”

The crowd yelled out “Crucify Him,” God’s perfect plan for Him to forever be Glorified

Need I say more? First he was scorn’d and then given a crown of thorns

Never the less Satan facing defeat, as they hammered nails into His hands and His feet

Three days later He rose from the dead, Mission Complete.

Now death has no sting, Matthew 28:18

All authority given to Jesus on earth and in Heaven

Please believe life is a gift, I pray you stay counting your blessings  


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