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By Walt Walton

No Dignity, Mind Iniquity

Seeds were planted but died instantly

Seeds were planted, sprang up & died miserably

Lost in this world, full of Misery, Struggling to find my Identify

Cold world no sympathy, Striving after the wind ……. endlessly

All this Vanity & Calamity, seeming to damage me

I’m moving frantically

As I proceed through this valley of death

I keep thinking back retracing my steps

All of the times that I heard the truth, that I chose to neglect

I knew that Jesus had died for my sins, but I was deliberately sinning, showing him disrespect

Now as I sit here on these empty church steps

                The church is now gone

                All of my friends who were saved, have finally went home

                Now on this earth I hopelessly roam, searching for Hope

I remember them, reading all those red letters, I should’ve lived by them quotes  

I should’ve taken more notes

Now it’s too late, I’m feeling stranded, Living in 2Timothy 3, trying not to panic

I’m so confused, I don’t think I can manage

I woke up! And realized, all this was a dream in disguise

I know what it meant, so I hit my knees pray & repent

Lord I surrender & to your Authority I oblige

No one knows the day or the time, which you shall return

For by grace through faith I have been saved, the gift is unearned

Now I understand that when you come back, court is adjourned

From here on out, I’ll put on The Whole Armor of God, & Keep standing Firm   


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