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By Walt Walton

Life used to seem unfair, unclear, & uncertain

There’s a time to live & a time to die “closed curtains” 

Consequently, subsequently, evidently

I remember saying God I know your there, please come convince me

Ecclesiastics is the affidavit

Most of our decisions calculated, sometimes underestimated

Vanity of vanities, All is Vanity

I remember when I was making decisions that I know would damage me

Leading me straight to the grave, I was stuck in my sinful ways, riding the devils wave

Despising wisdom & knowledge, supposed to fear God but hardly ever afraid

Running the world’s rat race, which left me stuck in a maze

Praying not to be prey, ducking dodging the strays

All the sins I committed, yet He died & He raised John 3:16 His love was so displayed

I repented & received His forgiveness, on the cross He said it was finished

So it was Him that I chose to praise

When you start shinning for Christ, they start throwing you shade

I strive to provide Truth, Proof, & Evidence, while showing elegance & not arrogance

 If God is for us, who can stand against?

Absolutely nothing because our God is……… Omnipotent

Reading OfPsalm 1


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