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By Walt Walton

Often out of touch with my thoughts as I digress

Searching for answers I still haven’t found yet

Regrets & Remorse, got me perplexed

All the thoughts in my mind are on a conquest

Sleep Apnea Disillusion, my mind’s trying to process

Got this feeling in my stomach, I can’t seem to digest

One thing is for certain, my mom isn’t home yet

I didn’t hear the alarm, so know I’m alarmed

“Who’s sweeping?” and how exactly did they creep in

My eyes are wide open, but I can’t move

The door creeks as it crack open and the Sun Shines Bright in my dark room

As I see the shadow of someone sweep my heart sinks like a harpoon

My feet finally start to move, I’ll be fully woke soon

As I rise up, I slowly start to creep through the house

With no one in sight, I don’t feel so alright

So I pray Lord what’s this all about

I took the bible off the shelf and read it myself

Matthew 12:43-45 was the demonstration, the house put in order was the revelation

I Thank God for this spiritual moment

No weapon formed against me shall prosper, because who I’m anointed with  

[Reading of Psalms 23]

*Based upon a True Story


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