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By Walt Walton

I’m from the ghetto

Where the devil plays Geppetto, where they take silver spoons

And start heating up the metal. Let me set scene

Obscene, “Enough said.” Two options, jail time or end up dead

Murders, Thieves, and Fiends, Jealously, Envy, and Greed, Pills, Liquor, & Weed

How did I succeed? Well plenty of people had planted a seed, and watered it

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he gets old he won’t depart from it

I’ve been in the trap, I didn’t get trapped in

I was lost in the world, like way back when

Tempted, Lured, Enticed, I can’t believe I gave birth to all that sin

Misconception, thought I was having a blast, had to slow down I was moving too fast

Enjoying the pleasures of a sinful season, but somehow I knew that it wouldn’t last

Had to Evaluate then Elaborate, and Orchestrate, How to change and have a proper demeanor

Because on Judgment Day, I’d rather hear well done, then depart from me, when I receive a subpoena

Stand firm give the demons and devil a stiff arm

When you start off your day, be sure not to be unarmed

First, fasten up the Belt of Truth, you know Psalms 1   “I am Grout”

When it comes to Gods Word be in high pursuit

Also place on The Breastplate of Righteousness, you have to protect your heart

Shine your light regardless of your circumstances and enlighten those who are living in the dark

Have the Readiness of feet to go and share The Gospel of Peace, God’s Grace is sufficient when were weak

 If you’re a child of God be obedient and play your part

Keep your Shield of Faith to protect you, from all the flaming darts

Always wear the Helmet of Salvation, when one sinner repents in heaven it’s a celebration  

Use The Sword of the Spirit for your defense, by the power of prayer & supplication

Don’t be anxious about anything and show no signs of indignation 

Keep The Whole Armor of God on, at all times

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind

Chorus- Praise God at the beginning and end of the day

I was lost and he helped me find my way

Living in the world I was led astray

Was blind now I see Amazing Grace

Stay looking to Jesus the Founder and Perfecter of our Faith


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