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Welcome to Exploring the Enneagram – the conversation podcast! Kelly Wright is a certified Enneagram Teacher and Facilitator as well as a certified Enneagram Motions of the Soul Facilitator and she’s interviewing people about their Enneagram number and asks them if and how that has helped them navigate relationships, identity, and more! If you’d like to learn more about the Enneagram, please visit the video series on this site by clicking here.

Kelly sits down for a conversation exploring the Enneagram with fellow Veterans United employees, Jake Wandel and Lindsey Finch. In this episode you’ll hear how Lindsey and Jake think of their Enneagram number and how their deeper exploration of those Enneagram expressions has given them a better understanding of themselves as well as their interaction with others. Enjoy this Deep Dive into Exploring the Enneagram.


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