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By Brock Bondurant

Daniel 6:10 – When Daniel knew that the document had been signed, he went to his house where he had windows in his upper chamber open toward Jerusalem. He got down on his knees three times a day and prayed and gave thanks before God, as he had done previously.

Look around… Does this feel like home? Do you see the realities of this broken world, the things going on in our own country and feel like a foreigner?

If you follow Jesus, you are a foreigner. You were not made for this world. While this is our spiritual reality, this was especially true for Daniel. He so longed for his homeland and for his people, and believed in his God so much that he would fast, pray continually, and stand firm on his convictions no matter the consequences.

If you pay attention to the headlines – or if you’re like me, get your news from all the talk going on around you everywhere you go – you’re likely to feel hopeless, angry, upset, depressed, and confused. But what are we doing with that feeling? Are the circumstances of this broken world driving us to our knees? Or are we just taking those feelings to our Facebook status?

Daniel was a Jew living in exile in a foreign land under dictators of a godless nation. We see that time and time again Daniel is unwilling to compromise his faith in the Lord. He refuses to eat food offered by the king in order to follow God faithfully. His best friends were willing to be put into the fiery furnace rather than bow down to any earthly king or idol. And finally, in this situation Daniel continues to practice his faithfulness to his God despite a ridiculous law from the king that prohibited him from doing so, condemning Daniel to a den of lions.

Daniel was faithful.

King Darius in Daniel 6 signed into law a decree that no one could offer prayer or petition to any man or god other than himself. But Daniel, lover of God he was, immediately went home and prayed to Yahweh, as he had always done. He continued his routine of prayer three times a day despite the consequences. He knew his true homeland was not of this world.

With the oppression of his people and the tyranny of a king, Daniel went straight to his knees in prayer. He opened his windows toward the city of his homeland. What if we were to do the same? What if the evils we see in our country today drove us to seek the face of the Lord in prayer and contention, praying for revival and renewal together? Maybe we could have the same impact as Daniel whose faithfulness ultimately brought King Darius to believe in God.

Prayer is our greatest power and weapon we have in an evil world. We need to believe that as strongly as Daniel did – not to be like Daniel, but to be like Jesus, submitting in reverence to Him.

So what do you say? Why don’t we go home, open our windows, and unite in prayer? Let’s pray together for personal renewal and for revival in our cities and country as we unite in the cry of “Come Lord Jesus”! This is our moment. Let’s pray for a world that so desperately needs a Savior.


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