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By Walt Walton

No Time

Let me set the scene in 2013

I would always carry my Bible, & always carry some tracks

I was on fire for the Lord, as I look back

With the kingdom at hand I repented, I had no time for the slack

The old me was died & I became more aware of the enemy’s traps

I started focusing on my time, talent, & treasure, I had no time for the trash

I was always prepared to share the good news, & if needed wipe the dust of my feet

Because when I arrived I wanted to hear well done my faithful servant, mission complete

But in my mind the thought of deceit would often creep, telling me I get the glory

I’d always remind myself that what I did wasn’t for me

& if I continued to walked by sight then I couldn’t see

It was my faith that grew & allowed me to grow, lead, & succeed

Thank God for all the people who planted & watered my seed

Sometimes everything you want, is not exactly what you need

I’ll never forget that day, when I came into work the bad news I received

A friend of mine was crying, taking Kleenex out of her purse

She proceeded to tell me a friend of ours had died on the 1st

It was a car crash & she died upon impact, it was quick & painless it could’ve been worse

I was thinking was she saved in the back of my mind

I shared the good news with her all the time, & would always invite her to church

That day I cried too, I can’t explain how much my heart hurt

Lesson learned when it comes to sharing the gospel waste no time

Let those who don’t know, know & always voice your concerns

Reading of {Ecclesiastes 3} & Overall please don’t waste your time, live life for the King


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