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By Walt Walton

Time lapse soliloquy, bitter sweet poetry

Several Melodies bring old memories back

Sitting outside on the front porch, questioning God like, “Where you at?”

Moms gone, & father never comes around

Feeling lost, will I ever be found?

A lot going on, every time I look around

I no longer flinch we I hear gun shots, because I become immune to the sound

To studious to become a product of my environment

Don’t know if I’m good enough in sports, to receive a scholarship

Brain storming of ways I can escape, watching adults continue to make mistakes

That’s why I’ve always been driven by my faith

Thankful for the roof over my head, clothes on my back, & food on my plate

Crack epidemic mixed up the whole system

Parents become addicts & kids fall victim

Crime bill got the neighborhood looking like a minefield

Fatherless homes, teens on birth control, lo & behold as sin unfolds

All fallen short to the glory of God like dominos

I’m just an Innocent child, with my mind exposed

Like what’s done in the dark, or when the closets closed, vanity of all vanities

My hearts discomposed, but those “red letters” always help me feel rejuvenated

Beauty in the struggle, I’m just happy I made it

Recollect my thoughts like, I’m just a kid who am I to judge

In the mist of it all, one thing I always knew, by my Heavenly Father I’m forever loved


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