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By Walt Walton


I’m a Reformer over performer, living my life on a mission

So that the human spirit can shine through, & make a difference

Justifying my actions avoiding distractions, evaluating the consequences of my actions

Strategically planning my moves to ensure, things happen the way I want them to happen

I’m strict with myself & strive to fulfill my purpose

I try not to second guess anything if I fell that its perfect, I don’t get nervous

I rehearse ahead of time how to express clearly what I want & need I’m very observant

Yet not be harsh or blaming in my anger which is often scathing the surface

“Uno” I’m a one, if I have goals set before me I always get them done

I’m very useful in a lot of ways & I always see to it that there’s no disorder in my environments

I like having fun, I’m also orderly & honest, ethical & persistently conscious

I may have faults but being wrong isn’t one of them, & that’s word to Hoffy (Hoffman) 

Uno I’m a One  


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